Fellowship is a hospital for the sinner not a museum for the saints. Therefore, you will see two types of people in our fellowship: patients and doctors, with all the doctors being former patients who have been transformed by Jesus Christ. Wanting to be a rescue station and not a yacht club, we are not discouraged to see people come into the church who are struggling or even drowning in sin. We realize, however, that to be a healing church we also need physicians. When Jesus looked upon a rippened harvest field of souls, He instructed His disciples to pray for more laborers. The goal is to see heathen turn into missionaries and as people are healed, we seek to equip them to help others. People who are primarily driven to church for social, selfish, or entertainment motives will probably be disappointed. Everyone is welcome to our services, especially sinners, but we also believe that God is too loving to let people stay in their sins. We invite anyone interested in seeking the Lord and anyone interested in the front-line ministry work of helping others grow in their relationship with Him.

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