The only distinction among God-honoring churches in the New Testament is geographical. Churches in the Bible were known by the territory in which they represented and division over personalities or non-essential teachings was condemned. While village borders are not as clear in the suburbs today as they were at different places and times, our desire is to have a laser-like focus upon Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, and the surrounding communities in central DuPage County. A number of mission-minded people through the years have moved into the area to be nearer the church family. For a variety of different reasons, a good rule of thumb is to not be driving to church any further than you would typically travel to go grocery shopping. If your community is good enough to live and shop, then it is good enough to worship and get your spiritual food. Why send your influence and resources to another community when your area is in such need of Christ? If you do not prefer the local churches in your area, join one of them and help them become a better representative of the body of Christ. Our goal is to positively impact our community for Christ. It is not our desire to use our neighbors to build a great church, but to use our church to help build a great community.