Strategy for Ministry
Sunday Service: 9:30am
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Strategy for Ministry

chessIf many of us had our druthers, our church would look like a typical Sunday morning church service in a Norman Rockwell painting. It is powerful to see whole families worshipping together as opposed to much of contemporary church life where the family walks into the building together to only scatter to their separate corners. Biblically, the institution of the family came many years before the church was established. We give priority and preference to the home and family in all of our programming. In the nuclear family, we see the father as the priest and shepherd of the home. At the same time, however, we also recognize the great breakdown of the home and the need to help support the families that do not have fathers present or available. The best place to make disciples is in the home and the local church is a supplement to the work being done there. Much of our ministry is focused upon the discipleship of children. This is attempted through a balanced effort of supporting and encouraging parents in their spiritual ministry to their children while at the same time reaching out to youth who do not have the advantage of families that are involved in the church. The Lord promises to put the lonely in families and those who are single and empty nesters are encouraged to use their life experiences and skills to help nurture those who are coming up behind them.

Why We Exist

We believe the Bible. Our goal is not to fashion the Bible after our attitudes and beliefs, but to see our lives align with the Word of God. 

to make disciples of Jesus Christ..

to preach the Gospel from a humble and pure life...

We value Worship. Therefore, we seek to show God's great worth through holy living.

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Pastor Phil Wood

Senior Pastor
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Weekly Schedule

          9:30 am - Morning Worship
          11 am - Sunday School (all ages)

          6:30 pm - Awana

          7 pm - Prayer Meeting

        6:30 pm- Fellowship Youth  
        7 pm - Women's Bible Study

          8 am - 
Men's Bible Study
          10 am - Community Outreach