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For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us. . .
Romans 12:4-6

volunteersOne way of looking at the church is to compare it to a team. The members are players and the pastor is a coach. With a sports team the goal is always the same: to win. The strategy, however, changes with the talents and gifts of the players that are available in that particular game or season. The coach will help the players develop individually in the roles that they are most suited for while still maintaining the focus of the whole team. A great danger is for the coach to force the players into positions that they are ill-equipped to play. Consider basket ball great Michael Jordan. He obviously had the ability to play all over the court with great skill. Yet if placed in the wrong position he would at best be frustrated and at worst be labeled a failure. If Michael was forced to play the center position each game, his critics would no doubt indicate that he was not a very good basketball player. But the critics would be wrong. Just because he is not a good center does not mean he is not a great player.

Similarly, a person can be a great church member and yet be a poor Sunday School teacher or choir member. It doesn’t mean he is not a good player, it means he is not equipped for that particular position.

Like any team, the goal of Fellowship Church remains constant: to carry out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20. But the strategy of how to get that accomplished will be adapted to the uniqueness and gifts of the team players. If you are on the team at Fellowship, in what position are you developing? The church leaders, acting as coaches, only desire that you serve wherever God has prepared and gifted you to serve.vol

It is so reassuring for a pastor to look over the congregation and know that the Lord has placed within his church family every gift and resource needed to accomplish God’s unique calling for the group. Yet at the same time, it is awfully discouraging to see gifted teammates sitting frustrated on the sidelines. God does not lead a person to a church without having a special position and purpose just for them. Every church has a unique personality and that personality is determined by the people that God sends.

You are Fellowship and Fellowship Church is like it is because you are a part of it. If you were not an integral member of the team God would have never found it necessary to lead you here. The Lord has equipped Fellowship with every team member that we need to win, but we have to find and play our positions. Sometimes it just takes trial and error. You will never know if you excel in a certain ministry if you never try. The coaches at Fellowship want to get you in the game, but nothing can happen until you volunteer and are willing to try.


The best way to begin the volunteer process is to become a church member. Otherwise, non-members are allowed to be involved on a limited basis, but must first fill out a volunteer application which includes a background check. Because so many of our volunteers work with children, we must protect them by subjecting all volunteers, members and non-members alike, to an extensive screening process.

Why We Exist

We believe the Bible. Our goal is not to fashion the Bible after our attitudes and beliefs, but to see our lives align with the Word of God. 

to make disciples of Jesus Christ..

to preach the Gospel from a humble and pure life...

We value Worship. Therefore, we seek to show God's great worth through holy living.

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Pastor Phil Wood

Senior Pastor
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Weekly Schedule

          9:30 am - Morning Worship
          11 am - Sunday School (all ages)

          6:30 pm - Awana

          7 pm - Prayer Meeting

        6:30 pm- Fellowship Youth  
        7 pm - Women's Bible Study

          8 am - 
Men's Bible Study
          10 am - Community Outreach